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11 October 2007

My Search for a Calendaring Application

I’ve been looking for good calendaring on Linux for a while. Long ago I came to the conclusion that they are all either too bulky or too feature poor. So I started using google calendar, and now I’m hooked.

I’d love to give it up, there are many situations where I don’t have internet access (I guess I could print to file the agendas) and need to add something to my calendar. And switching to a purely desktop based app would bork me when I’m not around my school laptop (I use several computers throughout a day).

On my school laptop I use fluxbox and evolution/kazehakase on a very very stripped down xubuntu install - not because the laptop is old (1.6ghz Pent M, 1.5 gig ram) but because I appreciate quick lightweight apps. From boot to a usable system, my laptop takes 45-50 seconds. It wakes up from standby in less than 5, and from hibernation in closer to 15. Heavy kde/gnome stuff is fine on a desktop I don’t frequently power down, but for a laptop you can’t beat that boot speed.

All the desktop calendar apps I’ve looked at are deficient in important ways, for example: korganizer, kontact, and evolution all have high quality calendars, but they are coupled with mail clients and a thousand libraries. Plus, all three of those (as well as sunbird) are full on desktop space consuming apps. Something like gdeskcal would be awesome if it could two-way sync with google calendar, but Xcal and orage are just too feature poor to be handy.

rainlender2 looked like the solution to my problems - it syncs easily with google calendar (via gcaldaemon), and it is lightweight. Unfortunately it isn’t in the deb repos (proprietary reasons I think) and the directions I’ve found on arsgeek & howtogeek give me an error “Unable to load resources from path: /opt/rainlendar2/resources/”. I’ve checked the file permissions and I’ve checked to be certain that path exists - it should work on both counts. So I’m stuck again.

If the kdelibs ever get light enough they don’t slow down my laptop, I’d jump on korganizer in a second (and kmail instead of korganizer if gmail supported imap, but that is another story). But for now I’m stuck taking notes in a tiddlywiki page and using google calendar, neither of which are really all that bad.


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