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15 October 2005

Mini-Entry - Changing Music Tastes

I really do like Emiliana Torrini, her first and second album (to my knowledge the only ones, plus she's on LOTR). But I found a few things about shifting tastes.

When I was young (teen) I liked/tolerated harder music. I went from Weezer to Deftones. I liked 'hard' techno (orbital, chemical bros et all) and hard rock. Well I mellowed out a bit with age, around 17 or so (when I went to college) I really calmed down. Which was good.

I settled on strictly on musicians who were talented performers. They were great writers too, but they could all also perform. Like Ben Harper, Ben Kweller, Ben Folds, DMB and others. But then I started wanting to meet a girl, you know, the feeling you don't want to be alone.

So I moved on to stuff like Radiohead, Emiliana Torrini, Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, Teitur even Dido and Nick Drake. I still really like them all (esp Damien). Just a bit less than before. They spoke to me then, they still speak to lots of people now.

Since being married I've shifted once again. I've moved towards people like Beck (his album Guero), Oceans 11/12 soundtracks, Guster, Franz Ferdinand, Sufjan Stevens (thanks for that tip!). They were a bit faster, a bit more optimistic, err not that but I suppose a bit more fun really.

I guess the point is that things change. Musical tastes (in my case anyhow) seem to mirror where we are in life. You can tell a lot about a person by seeing what they are listening to now.

Thanks for the link to the music video, it was nice to see a beautiful woman in a music video who can make it being modest.


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